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The KMK company began its operations in 2020, with a primary focus on medical trials and active research during the pandemic. Just two months ago, we embarked on the process of preregistration. Our current vision is centered around neuroscience and oncology.

What We Do

At KMK, we have distinct departments dedicated to research, importing, and distributing medications in the fields of neuroscience and oncology. Our extensive network covers the Middle East, Africa, North Europe, and the UK, enabling us to effectively manufacture and distribute our products. Additionally, we act as agents for international companies and collaborate with the Egyptian Ministry of Health to import and distribute products that are in high demand. As part of our growth strategy, we have commenced the process of preregistration and will soon begin local manufacturing of the majority of our products.

Our Services

Manufacturing Facilities

At the stage, KMK has contracts with the largest local pharmaceutical manufacturer in Egypt.
We plan to open our own factory by 2030


Despite the prevailing challenges and inflationary pressures, we assure our customers of the highest quality products at competitive and affordable prices.


We have established an extensive production and distribution network across Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Switzerland.

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